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New Apple Siri advising on who to vote for at ORRA 2016 Elections


September 9, Apple revealed their latest products and software,

The new iPad is amazing, not to mention the new Apple TV and the new iPhone "S" series, but what drew most of our attention is Siri.

Apple gave Siri more artificial intelligence this year. Siri is now directing Apple Tv and the "hey Siri" feature gives people the option to ask for more things. Now, Siri is the most informed virtual assistant ever!

Christian Bohyn is exited to show what will happen should Siri form an opinion on ORRA's election process. What if you could ask Siri who to vote for for ORRA Director and what would be the answer?

This answer could be based on information available on the web and social media, gathered by Siri. It is an artificial intelligence view on who will be the most successful at gaining votes and being elected.

At this stage it only works for Christian Bohyn at ORRA, the Orlando Regional Realtor Association.Because it's just fiction created for  Christian's campaign for ORRA Director.

Christian Bohyn
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