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Christian Bohyn has been accepted to the NAR 2016 Leadership Academy

Yesterday, at the Florida Realtors Conference held in the Rosen, Shingle Creek in Orlando, FL, Ann De Fries and Patricia Fitzgerald, brought the news to Christian Bohyn that he has been accepted to the National Association of Realtors 2016 Leadership Academy.

The NAR Leadership Academy is an exclusive seven-month, five-session training and development program designed to nurture future NAR leaders.

A total of 9 Florida based Qualified Realtors applied, 3 of them where selected for an interview and 2 where accepted.

Veronica Malolos, member of OSCAR and Christian Bohyn, member of ORRA, where the two Florida based Realtors, Chosen to take part in The NAR 2016 Leadership Academy.

The NAR 2016 Leadership Academy will have small-group meetings with past and current NAR leadership giving inside knowledge of the organization’s vision and the challenges of leadership. Both will gain a clear understanding of strategies at the national level, enabling them to align their goals with national initiatives and lead with purpose.

The Academy also provides an opportunity to work with key NAR staff and realize the full scope and reach of NAR’s current initiatives, both will be better prepared to take their place at key levels in the organization. 

Veronica and Christian are both graduates of the Florida Realtors Leadership Academy, adding the NAR leadership to their curriculum makes them the most qualified Realtors in Orlando to take on any Leadership role in their Realtor organization.

For Christian Bohyn, running for ORRA Director, this appointment shows the recognition and trust of NAR leadership in his abilities to lead ORRA into the future. This is a welcome achievement in his race for ORRA Director and will certainly result in extra votes coming from Realtors who are serious about selecting a capable and qualified candidate for ORRA 2016 Leadership elections.

Christian Bohyn
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