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First Whiteboard video ever used in a campaign for ORRA Leadership

This is a must see!

Today, Christian Bohyn, made history by using the first whiteboard video to promote his candidacy.

White board video's are realy fun to watch as they visualize exactly what the message is by using graphics combined with text and the right wording.

Christian, clearly distinguishes himself as not only willing and able but also as a man who thinks outside the box, not afraid of bringing new forms of media to the campaign.

Bohyn served as Chair of the Communications Committee at the Orlando Regional Realtor Association this year and definitely the most creative and dedicated chairman ever.

Christian Bohyn, is humbly asking you to vote for him between 9/21 and 9/25 by clicking here.

Christian Bohyn is who to vote for as a Director at ORRA!

Christian Bohyn
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