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Independant Brokerages Support Christian Bohyn for ORRA Director

When Christian Bohyn started campaigning for a seat at the board of Directors at the Orlando Regional Realtor Association, ORRA, he immediately gained support from leading franchises and large brokerages but as the campaign continues Christian is gaining momentum with the small and the Independent brokerages as well.

I have a small independent brokerage myself, Christian says, so I definitely understand the needs of those Realtors as well. These Independent Brokers are daily in the field and don't have much time available to listen to a candidate running for a Director seat. But it is encouraging to hear that I have their vote.

Christian said "last Sunday when I was doing floor duty at our Model Home in Providence, I had the pleasure of meeting Marie Sierra, Broker of Silver Key Investment Group who assured me of her vote.

And he goes onto say: It's always fun to meet Realtors while I am at work as they recognize my name they often say "Oh, You actually work, how do you do all this volunteering and run your business?" The answer is simple, I have a great support team so that's how I do it. ORRA also has an amazing staff who makes things happen, we, the volunteers are just advising and supervising.

Don't forget to vote between 9/21 and 9/25 at and for more info on Christian Bohyn, go to 

Christian Bohyn
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