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Is This For Real? Skydivers promoting Christian Bohyn for ORRA Director.

In Christian Bohyn's campaign for ORRA director, Christian shows skydivers an amazing group of skydivers dedicated to getting this humble volunteer elected as director for ORRA. Is this for real? I don't think so, but it is definitely original

Christian Bohyn is running for a seat at the board of Directors of the Orlando Regional Realtors Association. Voting started Monday 9/21 at 12.01 am and ends Friday 9/25 at midnight.

Voting can be done online by going to or going to and clicking on the "VOTE" button. Voting is important!

ORRA has more than 11,000 members and last year only 800 casted their vote. Christian wants to change this and has been campaigning hard to motivate members to vote.

Members will be asked to elect a President, Treasurer, Secretary and 4 Directors. Christian, who served already one year on the board, aims to be one of the 4 elected board members so that he can gain the experience necessary to help ORRA grow.

Now, if you were interested in skydiving, then start with a dual jump, and check out Skydive Deland! Those guys are amazing! 

Christian Bohyn
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