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Watch Bohyn's Pitch Perfect Simulation of an Apple Ad

"I am exited to talk to you about a candidate, who is running for a seat on the board of directors of ORRA, “The Orlando Regional Realtors Association” the man says in the video, shot against a stark white background customary in Apple product demos.

In the campaign for 2016 Leadership, Christian Bohyn has published the most innovative video's, making sense in relation to the campaign. My first video was a muscle car kicking off the campaign, then I used a whiteboard video clearly explaining why I want to do the job and then and how to vote, then I launched a diver video relating to the many underwater homes that I've sold.

Those promotional video's relate to the candidate's personality, they not only have to be original and appealing but they have to convey a message.

It's no secret that Christian Bohyn, is an Apple fan. Last week after the Apple Special Event that was held on September 9th in San Francisco, Christian launched a New Siri ad, promoting his campaign for ORRA Director. And now he shows his love for Apple products again by using an Apple Style video. This is probably not the number one video of all, but I had to have one, Christian says, to me using the leading and number one electronic's company's style of communication, reflects where I want ORRA to be in it's field, "leading and number one".

Christian Bohyn
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