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Real estate is more than just a business.  

Real estate is where we live. It's where we work. It's where we raise families.  It is no exaggeration to say that real estate is at the center of our lives.

And Christian Bohyn has made pursuing excellence in real estate the center of his life's work.

The real estate industry today is facing unprecedented changes and historic threats

It is a period of great transition in our industry.  With those dangers come opportunity- the opportunity for first-class leadership at the Board level that Christian Bohyn can provide.

Risks to our industry are arising on multiple fronts.  These changes are reshaping the very foundation of our industry and calling our basic business model into question.  The broker-client relationship is being altered by new technologies.  Commissions are falling. In the wake of the financial crisis, it is more difficult than ever for buyers to secure a mortgage.  

Christian Bohyn has successfully navigated these challenges.  His background is ideally suited to lead our industry through them as well.

At the heart of it, Christian Bohyn is the definition of the American success story.  He is proof that hard work and vision can make every dream come true.  Christian had a remarkably successful career in international business before entering the real estate industry.  He used the skills gained in the corporate world to create a, world-class, lean, business model, here in Orlando.  From the very beginning, he has taken an active role in participating in the broader real estate community, donating his time and resources to serve on critical committees within ORRA, and Florida Realtors. At the National Association of Realtors (NAR) Christian has been honored to be appointed as the NAR President’s Liaison to Belgium/Europe for 2 years in a row and selected to attend the 2016 NAR Leadership Academy. He has always given back as much as he can to the industry he loves.

The challenges now facing our industry- to our firms and our careers- are unprecedented. Christian Bohyn brings a global perspective to meeting them, so that all of our business can grow.  He knows the industry from all angles and at all levels.  

Times like today call for the best leadership that we can muster in order to not just survive, but prosper.  Christian has the practical knowledge, the skills, and the vision to lead the Orlando Regional Realtors Association during these challenging times toward a bigger and better tomorrow. 

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Christian Bohyn
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